We are full time farmers who are passionate about firearms. We build custom rifles, semi custom rifles and sell most major firearms brands along with all accessories. We are lifelong hunters and end users. Our custom rifles have been used to hunt all over the United States.


We take factory Bergara B-14 Hunters and turn them into a hunters dream rifle. We sell the “Base” 3 G B-14 Special for $1,530 shipped. Since these are Semi-Custom rifles we can cut different barrel lengths, use different stocks, and different triggers upon request.

The first thing we do is cut the barrels to 16” and thread them to 5/8X24. This optimizes the barrel for silencer use and makes it more manageable. Moving in the woods, stalking, getting in and out of stands and getting in/out vehicles are also much easier.

The second thing we do is add Magpul Hunter 700 stocks and Magazine wells to them so they accept AICS Mags. These stocks are very comfortable, are easy to customize with sling and bipod mounts, and are very accurate. You get to choose the stock color.

The third thing we do is add Triggertech Special Flat PVD triggers. These triggers are phenomenal and very consistent.

The fourth thing we do is add Bergara Tactical Bolts knobs and Bergara 20 MOA optics base.

In addition to custom B-14 Specials, 3G Guns offers a variety of shooting accessories, suppressors and complete rifle packages.


We are an authorized SOT so we can be your source for silencers.


We offer a variety of accessories like scopes, bipods and slings.


In addition to the B-14 Specials we also offer complete rifle packages.

Full Stocking Dealer of Q Products


At 3G Guns, we take pride in equipping our customers with rifles that are accurate and effective. Click the button below to browse our Team 3G gallery highlighting some of our customers adventures.

Image of a custom 3G Guns rifle build with hunter in mountains